October 16, 2014

Dead Sleeves from the Former Ground

Arsenal Football Club. For some, "The Pride of (North) London", for others a band of vagabonds mutated into a corporate behemoth with business savvy the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid can… Read more
October 16, 2014

Everton Umbro Kit Design Competition Winners!

Ok, so this competition was run, and was closed, a little while ago now. Long before the actual new Umbro Everton kit was unveiled, in fact. And we agree that the real thing is a beaut', but it… Read more

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Latest Comments

  • Heracles Almelo

    john_eoti john_eoti 23.10.2014 01:44
    I too think it looks very neat. Sometimes, sticking to one's personal style works better than trying ...
  • Matchday 6 Draw : Crimson League

    NiGarCas NiGarCas 23.10.2014 00:35
    No kidding, some time ago, sleeping, I dreamed that I had to design a kit for Shimizu S-P on the ...
  • Heracles Almelo

    Rabbi Rabbi 22.10.2014 23:46
    Cristianoden. you have every right to your opinion, nothing wrong with that, but if my designs boar you ...
  • [IMPORTANT] State of the League Bulletin

    moom moom 22.10.2014 22:18
    Jorge you're on it! It says Jorge ( Nacho ). You're doing Urawa Red Diamonds
  • [IMPORTANT] State of the League Bulletin

    JorgeDB JorgeDB 22.10.2014 21:32
    Moom, you have to update the 6th matchday! i want to know my match!
  • Cerezo Osaka - Crimson League Matchday 6

    irvingperceni irvingperceni 22.10.2014 21:12
    great to see the new additions wanting to participate and bringing some freshness into the leagues. Good ...
  • MLS (New) Current Logo

    MatFatCat MatFatCat 22.10.2014 20:45
    Can we vote if we're in the competition?
  • Heracles Almelo

    cristiantodean cristiantodean 22.10.2014 19:51
    Is becoming boring...with that overused shape of yours..the logo is not bad but is kinda ruined by ...
  • Heracles Almelo

    BDRick BDRick 22.10.2014 15:58
    Nice work here, better than mine.


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