March 12, 2015

New Cardiff City Crest launched

Cardiff City Football Club unveiled their new Club crest, which will be used in full from the start of the 2015/16 season. The new crest will be displayed on the 2015/16 kits and across all Club… Read more
March 08, 2015

Scenes of a Graphic Nature

It was with ironic contrast that news - however reliable - reached us around this time last year, that Umbro had entered a bidding war to snare the prized Manchester United contract, then held by… Read more

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  • Competition Continuity Poll

    zeruch zeruch 30.07.2015 22:23
    I still here... but to be honest, also before the site downs the competition died, I posted my design ...
  • Competition Continuity Poll

    buttplug buttplug 28.07.2015 21:31
    Not seen this sorry, I'm in if you want to tie it up with a semi final and final?
  • Competition Continuity Poll

    Corinth Corinth 28.07.2015 18:49
    Only 3 persons have commented so far from a 16-competitors competition. Unfortunately, I think we ...
  • Arsenal away 16/17

    john_eoti john_eoti 28.07.2015 15:51
    I'd argue it's postmodern. It's the meme of football kits. It certainly isn't ugly, Wenger is on there ...
  • Arsenal away 16/17

    ty ty 28.07.2015 11:44
    now that is UGLY ;)
  • Werder Bremen 2

    Medusa Medusa 27.07.2015 16:05
    Really great kit. Hate that awful orange color. Green is much better
  • Ugly Kits Competition!

    tappei tappei 27.07.2015 13:57
    i actually find its harder to judge some horrible kits, to be picked as the most ugliest kit in ...
  • Competition Continuity Poll

    dhahirgode dhahirgode 27.07.2015 02:27
    I'm here!!!
  • Ugly Kits Competition!

    NiGarCas NiGarCas 26.07.2015 21:24
    Do someone else agree?
  • Galatasaray 2015-2016

    Oozema2 Oozema2 26.07.2015 20:33
    Thanks for the feedback. I actually read that the kit will have white shorts and black socks, and ...
  • Galatasaray 2015-2016

    ozand ozand 26.07.2015 15:14
    Galatasaray's original kit combination is yellow-red halved jersey - white shorts - red socks. Yours ...


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