May 22, 2016

What (Not) To Wear

A good friend of mine recently informed me of a presumably unpaid role he’s eyeing up, advising an oft-erring European domestic competition on what their participants should be wearing in each match… Read more
April 26, 2016

The Podcast - Episode 14

I love talking to experts. In Episodes 12 and 13 I chatted to John Devlin, and on 14 I got to speak to Simon "Shakey" Shakeshaft. In fact, I always speak to experts, which makes the podcasts fun for… Read more

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  • CD Palestino Umbro Kits

    Rowsport Rowsport 29.07.2016 13:37
    preciosas!!!!!! excelente
  • Group A - Week 2 Matches

    Corinth Corinth 29.07.2016 03:48
    If you don't find the sponsor for a team (or even if you don't find the sponsor's logo in good ...
  • Group A - Week 2 Matches

    buttplug buttplug 28.07.2016 22:37
    Looks like it's this company
  • Group A - Week 2 Matches

    CenkÜnal CenkÜnal 28.07.2016 19:47
    I couldn't find central fc's sponsor :/?
  • E. C. Bahia

    pierrelapa pierrelapa 28.07.2016 16:04
    Bahia's current crest is a weird one, because it does have a flag that resembles the flag of the State ...
  • Iceland KSI redesign

    Rabbi Rabbi 28.07.2016 13:06
    This is not a bad design although we are not aloud to use the Icelandic flag in this way for a logo due ...

    nebredan nebredan 28.07.2016 09:37
  • FC Sevastopol

    Rabbi Rabbi 27.07.2016 22:20
    Pierrelapa. Well I get as much pleasure out of just doing the logos as participating in the competitions ...

    pierrelapa pierrelapa 27.07.2016 13:26
  • FC Sevastopol

    pierrelapa pierrelapa 27.07.2016 13:25
    Great as usual. But why not in the competition?
  • FC Sevastopol

    Rabbi Rabbi 27.07.2016 11:51
    So is the present logo explained on the clubs home page. Emblem of FC "Sevastopol" The logo is a ...


Jan 10, 2016

The Podcast - Episode 4

Over Christmas, I referred to the Three Wise Men. They were, in no order other than…
Dec 31, 2015

The Podcast - Episode 3

Much, much later than we originally planned to publish, owing to technical issues on this…
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The Podcast - Episode 2

A little later than first advertised - you may have noticed we've been having a few…
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The Podcast - Episode 1

This Christmas, the three wise men are coming early. For quite a while, the idea of…