September 19, 2014

New MLS Crest Unveiled

Major League Soccer is in the midst of a rebranding process, and a big part of that is the launch of the new crest. The spare design, called the “MLS Crest,” comes in the colors of the U.S. and… Read more
September 13, 2014

Favorite Team Competition Winner!

It's been an incredible Spring and Summer 2014, with incredible ends to domestic European seasons and, of course, the delight that was the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. And then there's the competitions… Read more

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  • Barcelona Home Fantasy KitNew
  • Author: Mian
  • Category: Football Kits
  • Hits: 27
  • Comments: 0
  • USA Kit : Denim + BleachNew
  • Author: moom
  • Category: Football Kits
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Latest Comments

  • [AM4] I.Perceni v. Silky Smooth

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 10:17
    difficult choice. in the design of silky colors are not the most appropriate for the club, I had also ...
  • [AM4] Memopad v. Corinth

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 10:09
    CORINTH corinth design has a look more Korean. memopad design reminds me of a chelsea kit.
  • Mexico National Team

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 10:06
    you are the grand master of design ridges, you can get it.
  • FC Barcelona Away

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 10:02
    I really like your design, nice gradient.
  • Caracas FC

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 09:58
    simple and elegant, very good job, if I were the club, you would buy the design now.
  • Mexico National Team

    cristiantodean cristiantodean 23.09.2014 09:57
    you can find the eagle in the Mexico seal from the middle..the botom not convinced me either....versi ...
  • Ararat Yerevan

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 09:54
    shining, one of your best work.
  • Mexico National Team

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 09:52
    not convince me, I do not like the bottom, I would add a great Mexican eagle.
  • [AM4] Buttplug v. Gaabowski

    mumbai mumbai 23.09.2014 09:48
    BUTTPLUG butt design is more original, but I do not like the sleeves in gray. Gaab design is very ...

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