curswine Discussion started by curswine 11 years ago
Was having this conversation the other day with a LFC supporting friend of mine over who the shrewdest (not most influential) Rafa signing of his tenure at Anfield has been so far.

Needless to sat drinks were consumed and things got a bit heated with me trumping Alvaro Arbeloa because of how easily he has slotted into Steve Finnan's position with little problems and being plucked from Deportivo, obviously Rafa knew about his skill from Real, but still for £3,000,000 he has been a bargain and selling him on we would make a hell of a profit.

My friend was on the side of Mohamed Sissoko, one of my favourite players while he was at Liverpool, but just a little bit, only a little bit, behind the rest of our midfield, I'd happily have him over Lucas, just he is too big of a player to be backup. Still he did an amazing job when he did play and we made a decent profit off of him too. I also have a Juve shirt with Sissoko on the back :D

So who do you think is Rafa's shrewdest signing? Do you agree with me or do you think someone completely different?

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