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DF Open Group

An open group where people can share their work, templates, discuss about kit designs,...

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Corinth replied to Discord server link 5 months ago

Somehow, the link merged with the word 'Later' To fix it, just remove the 'Later' from the url, or, better yet, simply click on this link (which I hope works): discord.gg/MmPMGjR

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Corinth posted a new discussion5 months ago

Discord server link

I've just created a discord server for us to use. Here's the link to access it: discord.gg/MmPMGjR Later, I'll try to create a post sharing the link so others can access as well.

DF Open Group
Corinth replied to Test 5 months ago

For what I've seen, the discussion section works basically like Facebook. It's great and it can be very useful, but withou a chat feature to go along with it, the feature lacks dynamism, which is the main motivation for the creation of the group.

Design Football replied to Test 5 months ago

The "conversations" functionality is a different thing. It's basically an instant messenger to chat with other members in private. Basically like the normal messages but on every page. The group stream works as a stand-alone conversation option which lets you have conversations in public, or group only, it does not show in the conversations tab. In addition, you can create discussions within the group that's what this is. It's a bit confusing for me as well. I think it is possible to show the group discussions on every page, but I have to look into this.

Corinth replied to Test 5 months ago

Yeah, me neither. Agreed, it doesn't seem like communication would run smoothly here. In the end of the day, Discord is probably the best solution. I'll try to create a server tomorrow, if no one can create one before.

aguspineiro replied to Test 5 months ago

I don't see it in the Conversations tab. I don't know, this doesn't seem too efficient. I think Discord or any other kind of group chat is gonna be the way to go.

Corinth posted a new discussion5 months ago


Hi, everyone! This is just a test to see if the "discussion" section gets redirected to the instant messenger. While the website does feature a group chat option (since you can search for 'groups' in your messages), I can't seem to find an option here to start a group chat, which is odd. So, maybe by creating a discussion, a chat is also created, I don't know.

DF Open Group
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