Los Angeles FC, slated to join MLS for the 2018 season, revealed their official crest and club colors in a press conference at Union Station in Los Angeles.

The crest was developed and designed by Spark International co-founder Thai Nguyen and the creative team of Tue Nguyen and Matthew Wolff.



LAFC wing

The wing represents power, strength, and speed and is universally recognized across cultures.

The Roman deity Mercury, and his Greek counterpart Hermes, each with wings on their sandals and cap, are known to represent swiftness and success. In parts of the Middle East, a winged disc or feather-robed archer, is thought to represent a Fravashi, or guardian angel. The Feng-Huang, a Chinese mythological bird, is seen as a symbol of power, prosperity, grace, and virtue.

For the Aztecs, a winged eagle was a symbol of the sun and a representation of the victorious god Huitzilopochtli, god of war, sun and the patron of what today is Mexico City. The eagle symbolized power and bravery in Aztec culture, with eagle warriors, or cuāuhmeh, known to be the most feared. To this day, the eagle is the centerpiece of the Mexican coat of arms. 

The winged eagle landed in Los Angeles in 1974, as the crest of the North American Soccer League’s Los Angeles Aztecs.

With the wing in their crest, they seek to unite the team and their fans under a recognizable and relatable symbol, with ties to the diverse culture of Los Angeles.




The outline of our crest is derived from the Seal of the City of Los Angeles.




Set in Neutraface, an elegant and versatile Art Deco inspired typeface based on the signage of architect Richard Neutra. Downtown Los Angeles has a rich collection of Art Deco buildings dating back to city expansion in the 1920’s.




Monogram of the universally known and celebrated abbreviation for Los Angeles.



LAFC colors

Strong, Powerful, Achievement, Triumph. Black and Gold embody the success, glamour, and urban texture of Los Angeles. A flash of red represents their home in the heart of the city.

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