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Saints have unveiled a commemorative version of the crest to celebrate the Club's 125 Anniversary season.

As you will see from the image above, the key elements of the existing crest have been maintained as it gets a glamorous makeover for the 2010/2011 campaign.

The black outline and halo feature will now appear in gold, whilst the all important years 1885 and 2010 are scripted either side of the shield, with the figure 125 replacing the ball.

The first change to the crest in over 10 years marks the start of exciting plans for a significant season in Saints' history, as Club Spokesman, Jordan Sibley explains:

"The launch of the crest represents the beginning of our 125 celebrations. We were keen to produce a variation of our crest that subtly celebrated this important club milestone whilst retaining the traditional feel.

"The crest will be used on our bespoke merchandise and club literature, as well as forming an integral part of the 2010/11 Home, Away and Goalkeeper kits.

"We will soon be announcing further details of how the Club will be celebrating this special occasion throughout the forthcoming season, as well as launch details of the new kits."




Crap. A chance to make a real change to the club crest - a'la Arsenal some years ago and really bring it up do date and we mess it up.


horrbile badge always has been hasnt really changed we should of changed it well at least we got rid of the stupd ball the season seriously it makes us look like a MLS tem

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