The Stade Vélodrome will increase its seating capacity by 2016, when France will host the UEFA Euro 2016. It will be called Nouveau Stade Vélodrome (New Stade Vélodrome) and it will continue to host games for Olympique de Marseille. Currently it holds 60,031 spectators, but after its construction it will be able to hold 80,000 (the same capacity as the Stade de France). The expected cost of the expansions is €150 million.

The expansion and modernization of equipment that are part of the French bid to organize Euro 2016. But even if France does not wins this championship, "the project will of course be pursued", says the mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin. The dossier submitted by Gaudin also provides for the creation of a new district.

The artist's impression below take full account of the specifications to which private groups should meet.




NO!!!! keeeeeeep the old velodrome i luv it there its big and fine as it is. The fans will not like this not 1 little bit IM GLAD IM NOT WORKING ON IT. If you want 2 join my campain 2 keep the old velodrome ring 07795013425 NOW!!!!!!!


You've never been to the velodrome.... Marseille is a city with a lot of wind (mistral) A LOT!!! In winter, the conditions are horrible for the fans, and all the singings from the fans get lost in the sky. I am a Marseille fan, and believe me, ALL of us can't wait to see the new one

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