The UEFA unveiled the new adidas TERRAPASS match ball – featuring a design inspired by the northern lights.

The new TERRAPASS match ball will be used during the UEFA European Women's Championship 2009 in Finland and which be the first UEFA European Women's Championship to boast its own match ball.

The new ball took pride of place at the WOMEN'S EURO draw at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. The shining light blue and purple colouring and futuristic pattern which give the adidas TERRAPASS its distinct look have echoes of the aurora borealis, the natural light displays which dazzle so many tourists in the Nordic nations.

adidas hope the design honours host nation Finland, which is renowned for combining creativity with tradition as well as innovative product design.

Just like EUROPASS, the official matchball of UEFA EURO 2008, adidas TERRAPASS features the revolutionary PSC-Texture, a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball's outer skin which allows players to control and direct the ball perfectly in all weather conditions.

adidas first started manufacturing footballs in 1963 and is the leading manufacturer in the world. Since 1970, adidas has provided all the official match balls for all major UEFA and FIFA finals tournaments.






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