The following is an article written in 2017, which has been edited occasionally in the meantime. Have a read, then read the new information at the bottom.

You've listened to the podcast, right? Yeah, the last-of-2016-slash-first-of-2017 one. Where I chat to The Football Attic and Kitbliss's Chris Oakley about the League of Blogs and LOGacta? Let's go through it again..., you will be very happy to learn, has acquired the rights (the right to use, primarily) to the League of Blogs, which was, at the very least, an elaborate blogroll over on The Football Attic, and also provided - handily - an opportunity for blog owners to demonstrate their artistic flair in the form of Subbuteo men wearing the imagined colours of their respective blogs. Seriously, could there ever be a better way to demonstrate one's artistic flair?

Well, perhaps. Because, with a little help from a gorgeous portmanteau, we've combined the exciting kit design element with the comparatively enduring pleasures of the cult 1970s game, LOGacta. Not familiar with it? The Football Attic once again exists to educate you. But, relatively concisely, LOGacta is a game that involves rolling dice to determine scorelines between teams, informing a round robin league system, with form quite brilliantly manufactured through a wonderfully thought out dice-changing system. Seriously, bemoan the fact you weren't around in the 70s (if you weren't).

Or, have a blog (or podcast) (edit: or themed Instagram account, soundcloud or similar), upload a Home kit - as an absolute minimum - and a crest to our dedicated gallery - rules can be found therein - and experience LOGacta, in League of Blogacta form. Games will be "played"... Actually, scratch that, games will be played by one of Chris Oakley or myself (maybe even a guest!) rolling those all-important dice on a video or podcast or both, and we'll also discuss - and share - any interesting content we've found on selected participating blogs.

So what are the nuts and bolts, I hear you ask...

  • A League of Blogacta (blogroll) page on this site, with links to each participant's blog (this can be a traditional blog/website or the homepage of a podcast on a host's site), and social media links as well
  • Full details of fixtures, results and the league table(s)
  • Prior to each matchday, tweets featuring links to sites, tagged Twitter handles, and the kits which will be worn by each side - decided upon by The Commissioner, Museum of Jerseys' Denis Hurley
  • A video every matchday featuring the matchups (the dice-rolling), and an accompanying podcast covering what's just gone down

And, then, the glory of success or the bitter taste of failure, I suppose. Y'know, like football.

So all that's left for me to say that, quite obviously, the League of Blogacta is in no way affiliated or endorsed by LOGacta, or the fine people that came up with that, and get your kit(s) uploaded to the gallery to register your participation as soon as possible. Here, have a closing date, Sunday 5th February 2017, 23:59GMT*, but, to use my favourite George Clooney film quote, let's just say that I have a number in mind and I haven't hit it yet. When that desirable number (of participants) is hit, the gallery closes, and the big kick-off will be just around the corner...

*Edit: Due to issues logging in to the website being reported, and non-members being unable to access the kit gallery - please sign up and log in to view - we are extending registration to a final deadline of Sunday 19th February 2017, 23:59GMT (the gallery will close before this point if membership has reached maximum desired)

*Edit - 16/2/17: We do now have enough entries for a league season, but with several late requests to participate, we'll be keeping the gallery open for an unspecified further period, and until the next desirable ceiling is reached - look out for updates on Facebook and Twitter (links below) regarding last calls and closure. Please don't delay, as the sooner the participants are all in, the sooner we can get this party started.

*Edit - 31/5/20: The League of Blogacta is now partially a ladder system, meaning there is no deadline for joining. Full rules will be published in due course, but the league will start proper shortly - don't panic if you won't make Matchday 1 - with a set of friendly fixtures to whet the appetite being played tomorrow 1/6/20 at 20:00CET and broadcast live via the Facebook Page. 

*Edit - 1/7/20: The League of Blogacta has begun and is open for you to join. Details of standings and fixtures can be found here.

Written by Jay (follow on Twitter).

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