The LOUD KITS Design Challenge

--- HOW IT WORKS ---

I'll share a random theme every Sunday evening (UK time). It could be anything and everything, from "Fast Food" to "The '90s".

You'll have until 7pm the following Sunday (one week) to design and submit a concept football shirt around that theme.

Not your "typical" kit design, though, no. It needs to be one-of-a-kind. The louder, more striking and vivid the concept, the better! We don't do "boring" at LOUD KITS.

--- VOTING ---

Voting opens shortly after the 7pm deadline for entries. You have exactly one week to cast your vote.

- FIVE points to your favourite design;
- THREE to your second favourite; and
- ONE to your third.

I'll announce the winner after the voting ends.

--- DOs & DONTs ---

1) Designs must be at least 1500px x 1500px.
2) Keep your designs to a square aspect ratio.
3) You can't vote for your design.
4) NO PRIZES. It's just for fun.
5) Only one design submission, per LOUD KITS challenge, per user.

That's it. Best of luck!

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