This is an idea for a new style of redesign competition here on DF. The main rule is a free entry for every user, so no pre-signing, no participant lists before competition, etc. How it works? On Mondays I'll put a crest for redesign, then you've got 7 days to enter a contest.

Posting a project (ONLY ONE per user) = entering, and everyone can enter. You can do it one week, and pass on another, so you only enter if you like to. Deadline would always be su/mo midnight and after that I'll put a board/list with every entry. That's when voting begins - for 5 days (mo-fr) anyone can cast a vote for his/hers favourite concept (the rules here are: every DF user can vote. 5 points to the 1st place, 3 points to the 2nd place and 1 point to the 3rd place. You CANNOT vote on your own redesign).

Winning project will be named "Redesign of the week X", and then we'go again, next monday=next crest to redesign, so new competition every week! For everyone! And I'm always open for your ideas how to improve it. Let's get ready!