Hey to all of you once agan :) - the competition starts 27.01.2021. - you will have 7 day to submit your design - the draw will be 26.01.2021 around 2000 cet, it will be live on our discord server,

I will be using some random draw generator which I hope will find on the internet, for the teams I’ll use the random team generator which Corinth made.

- I’ll draw all the teams at once, so you’ll have all of your teams from first round to finals, so you can prepare better

- There will be home and away fixtures, in the first you will design the home kit, in the other away, in a case of a draw you will design the 3rd kit

- Everyone can vote, you will decide in what margine you will distruibute your 10 points among designs

-if someone doesn’t submit their design, they will lose 25:0

Have fun and happy designing :)