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Two in two for member Aegon, as they bag themselves their second Crest Redesign Competition Weekly win in a row and their 17th overall.

Sport Boys Association of Peru’s Liga 1 was a semi-obscure choice, but Los Rosados’ colouring clearly whetted some appetites and resulted in some very classy entries in the stage.

Aegon’s effort realises the potential of the real thing’s simple initialism in a circular badge, taking it a little further in terms of sophistication and spelling out the team name to add some much-needed further detail.

The six stars - denoting the six national titles won - feature proudly, and the finished product gets us imagining shirts carrying the upgrade. Perhaps that’ll be something which the site is blessed with in due course.

So that’s done, and the San Marino voting is in full swing in the background as the FC Ararat Yerevan uploads appear. On we go.

Sport Boys Association
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@NarciSo it's the designer's fault?
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Final result:Pineftbl 4 v. 11 Corinth