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DF’s members haven’t been overawed by their crest-designing tasks in recent weeks, embracing the brief to supply, in theory if not practice, both the DFB and giants of Argentine football Club Atlético River Plate.

That said, plenty of the entries for the 276th Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) stage clearly came from a thinking that the iconic current crest is too appropriate to abandon.

Interestingly, the two designers who went left field landed vastly different fortunes: One received no votes - but was in excellent company there, so there was no shame in it - while the other, Corinth, came out on top.

D[esigner] who dares, wins? Only sometimes, it seems. But the winning design is certainly bold and shouts that “CARP” initialism - or is it a fishy acronym? - loudly and proudly.

So we go again. On to Lion City Sailors this week, with the Crusaders vote ticking over nicely in the background, and plenty more stages in the offing.

River Plate | Crest Redesign

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