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Democracy has decided the winner of another Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) stage. This week it was 277, dedicated to Northern Ireland Football League (NIFL) Premiership side Crusaders FC.

Honestly, the existing crest and a few of the entries could be mistaken for part of the masthead on the Daily (and Sunday) Express, but one can only work with an identity and not change it entirely.

Aegon, once again, came out on top. Their elevation and straightening of the shield, and their jettisoning of the Crusader himself - an approach several participants went for - gave their concept crest a classic look. While it takes away an idiosyncrasy, it adds a quiet restraint - something which would benefit any shirt it is mounted on.

Next up and well underway, it’s the wonderfully named Surinamese giants, SV Robinhood, while the votes for the best Lion City Sailors crest roll in.

Crusaders FC

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