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Back in February, in the shadow of the horrendous developments in Ukraine - which sadly remain in progress at time of publishing - the decision was taken by the members involved in the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) to make a gesture of support.

Dynamo Kyiv are one of, if not the, most widely known Ukrainian football teams, with their history littered with huge names like Igor Belanov, Oleg Blokhin, Serhiy Rebrov and Andriy Shevchenko - as well as legendary coach Valeriy Lobanovskyi - so represented a great choice for our flagship club/national team badge contest, even without the link to current affairs.

Unsurprisingly and understandably, the stage featured several entries, including from ferrusmanus, Bogmar and, particularly, kunto, which laid on the national identity pretty thickly, but it was eventually just An Excellent Crest which won the day in the voting.

Congratulations to Aegon. And, as Narci said when announcing the stage, STOP WAR!

FC Dynamo Kyiv
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