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A minnow on the world stage followed by an international household name wouldn’t necessarily be a bad way to run the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW), and Società Sportiva Lazio slot nicely into the latter category.

With some of the most recognisable footballing iconography on the planet - and impressive on-pitch heritage too - SS Lazio deserve this their time in the sun (as opposed to the Roman sun) and the members didn’t let them down.

The Italian Serie A side received, in a manner of speaking, 13 classy crests, including several, such as Naruteo’s, which dispensed with the “SS” prefix. This may or may not be due to connotations…

Going even further, Bogmar’s entry didn’t even incorporate “Lazio” text, and there was certainly no mistaking who the crest belonged to.

But Aegon’s entry did find room for the team name, and it was their submission which proved most popular in the voting. Congratulations on a well-earned win.

S.S. Lazio
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