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In the 298th stage of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW), it was Colombian side Once Caldas who benefitted, in a virtual sense, from this website’s talent.

Onetime winners of the Copa Libertadores, El Blanco have a bold identity that most entrants elected to tweak rather than rip up and replace, the result an array of measured crests which demonstrate how adroit - if there was any doubt - our membership is.

While kunto really took the interlocking-circles vibe and ran with it, and Riddesign placed one club initial inside another and, well, could be seen to have encroached on the copyright of the copyright symbol, Corinth’s interpretation worked through its faithfulness to the original and that statement could be applied doubly so to Narci’s winner.

As we say, a tweak rather than ripping up and replacing. Maybe it ain’t broke, but sometimes a subtle makeover can take a neat design a little further. Narci’s triumph via the voting suggests as much.

Once Caldas
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Hi, MVdzn. I’m trying to reach you for a business project, I just need some soccer crest logos made. Do you have any socials I can message you from?
Hi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football? 
@Art2KnockOutHi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football?
Wassup bro, I’m truing to reach you. Check dm or respond with your IG.
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