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One of the notable absences from this year's World Cup Finals is the Côte d'Ivoire national side.

And it is Côte d'Ivoire who we’ll be missing out on at Qatar 2022, not “Ivory Coast”, but the African international outfit remain deserving of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) treatment, despite their failure to qualify for the showpiece tournament.

They got it, in the 305th stage, and this site’s talent provided an array of badges that would do Les Éléphants proud.

Of note, along with many others, were elfisho’s very modern approach - even if it had too much IFF and not enough FIF - and lucasaxel50000’s ultra-modern offering.

Bogmar’s entry won out in the voting, perhaps leaning towards the traditional a little more than the aforementioned - and a deserving winner it was too, but we have to declare being mildly disappointed that no entry had the trunk tip providing the O’s circumflex…

Cote d'Ivoire Crest Redesign
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    j.amej · 9 days ago
    good good

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Aegon 10 hours ago Spain
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Great Job ! You could post in png pls ?
@Kevski77Thank you, it was a great brief this week, so many wonderful kits to choose from as inspiration.
@Kevski77Thanks, mate! :)
Spot on ! Great job ! Dare to do !