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One of the funnest aspects of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) is how it seesaws between giants and minnows of football.

Minnow up: The 309th stage was focused on Vanuatu and the tiny island nation’s national team and football federation.

If we’re honest, the in-real-life identity is in dire need of a glow-up, and that’s what this site’s members specialise in.

Plenty of the designs (all of them?) would have fit the bill, but one approach that seemed particularly popular was to retain the swirl and simplify. That was the order of the day for elfisho, and this was ratcheted up by the super-minimalist entry by Jackeen.

It nearly won the day too, with Jackeen running the eventual winner incredibly close in the voting, but it was Bogmar in the end, and Vanuatu should be so lucky to wear the chosen creation on their chests.

Vanuatu Football Federation Crest Redesign
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