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Bolivia, and the Federación Boliviana de Fútbol, were the fantasy client of honour in the 313th stage of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

The South American side have a complex national identity - perhaps several national identities - but La Verde are recognisable through their green shirts and the crest featuring the national Tricolor flag (not the Wiphala) and the Andean condor, all taken onboard by the DF members.

There was certainly a varied approach to the task, with, for example, 2DPitchFM going for something internationally conventional and timeless (no bad thing), Bogmar merging the flag with the ball and adding a little menace to the condor, and OTHYcreative - eventually securing a second successive win - going unashamedly modern.

That’s not the full story - the full story is available for all to appraise via the voting - but it sums up the range of styles we get in these contests, whoever the eventual winner.

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alternate backgrounds and 1-color
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Transparent BG
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@ReeeanWow!!! Really stylish ❤️ their color pllette is so cool …. Great work
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Buen rediseño. Me gusta esta nueva forma y como mejoraste esa U. Lo único que no me convence es el UANL en vertical, pero tampoco se me ocurre otra forma ...