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Super League Greece side Aris Thessaloniki FC (or Aris FC, or AFC, or Aris, or ΠΑΕ Άρης), from Thessaloniki (or Thessalonica, or Saloniki, or Salonika, or Salonica, or Θεσσαλονίκη) in Macedonia, have a striking identity that makes them ideal for the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

As it was, there were certainly some themes that repeated in Aris’s stage, with the club of course named after Greek god of war and courage Ares, and he featured in some form on all but one of the entries.

So the question the entrants asked themselves was generally about how Ares would appear, and most went for him seated on a trophy of arms with Eros playing at his feet, as he is portrayed in the famous Ludovisi Ares - a cover version itself - and how the current club badge has him. (No, he’s not in a wheelchair. That’s his shield propped up against him.)

ferrusmanus had a different approach, displaying Ares’s helmeted head only, as did some others, but the classic look was what winner Dynamic incorporated into their creation, and the voting did the rest.

Aris Thessaloniki - Redesign
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    GWR67 · 1 months ago
    That is sweet!!!