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Some teams are chosen for the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) because of their standing in world football, some because, frankly, their club badge is abysmal, and then some are chosen - one is chosen - because they’re named after Thor and their identity has Thor’s hammer front and centre.

Iceland’s Íþróttafélagið Þór, or Thór Akureyri, aren’t known for their on-pitch exploits. As we say, Thor’s hammer, innit. And the members that got involved certainly enjoyed themselves.

There was a range of styles - as the voting page will attest - but while ardifadli went with the minimalist approach, for example, the winning entry came from OTHYcreative and has something of a comic-book style, which works brilliantly and is pretty apt considering, well, Marvel Thor.

Thór Akureyri aren’t going to be invited to the European Super League, should that get off the ground again, but we’re glad that didn’t preclude them from entry to one of our challenges, and now we’re off to buy that Thor’s hammer tool kit off Amazon…

Thór Akureyri
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