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Some weeks the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) is about huge teams, others minnows; we’ll leave you to decide which category stage 321 - cue Ted Rogers hand gesture* - falls into.

Accra’s Hearts of Oak are certainly big in Ghana. They have a barrowful of domestic titles and even one CAF Champions League win to their name, but they’re far from a household name internationally and that adds a little intrigue to a CRCW stage.

The entries generally kept to the quinque-colour palette of red, green, yellow, blue and white, with Rabbi’s a particularly impactful example despite the faithfulness, but there was some deviation.

With a modern approach, Corinth dispensed with the white, and OTHYcreative the green too, and while the full complement is present and correct on cagedrage’s offering, that creation includes the particularly inventive touch of a heart amongst the roots.

And, confirmed via the voting, ONI’s winning design is just excellent. No particular extra bells or whistles; just a very accomplished club badge in the spirit of what Hearts of Oak already have - and there’s precisely nothing wrong with that.

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Hi, MVdzn. I’m trying to reach you for a business project, I just need some soccer crest logos made. Do you have any socials I can message you from?
Hi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football? 
@Art2KnockOutHi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football?
Wassup bro, I’m truing to reach you. Check dm or respond with your IG.
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