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Football Club Internazionale Milano - Inter (Milan) - updated their crest relatively recently, but it seems not everyone is on board with the now current version.

So in stepped the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW), with a stage dedicated to one of the biggest clubs in Italy and a perennial Serie A contender.

As most stages are, it was much fun, with illuminaqi keeping to the newly two-letter monogram but encircling it with the Biscione (big grass snake) emblem eating itself, OTHYcreative “IM”-ing too, we think, but very much making the reptile the star of the show, and jpcrest_, determined by the voting to be in the bronze-medal position, repeating that trick but buying Il B a replica Away shirt. Out of interest, what’s the rule for identifying venomous snakes? “Red touches yella, kill a fella; black and blue touch white, ah, we’ll be right.”?

The silver and gold entries reverted to the four-letter monogram, which might jar for some now accustomed to the Nerazzurri’s new look, and particularly for those of a certain age who may have found that pierrelapa and, particularly, Narci’s creations evoke the opening graphics for The Day Today.

Regardless, they are excellent, and Narci’s efforts were deserving of glory. They say you should never go back to an ex, but maybe - with a little CRCW help - they’ve changed, and the future is spelt F-C-I-M.

Internazionale Milano
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