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This site has some history with Ted Lasso and the series’ fictional London side AFC Richmond - too much to get into here but a Twitter/X search will elucidate - so it’s unsurprising the latter made it into the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

The Greyhounds’ stage impressed, with the entrants keeping the canine emblem front and centre but playing around with the whole in imaginative ways.

Whether it was OTHYcreative amping up the cartoonishness, bronze medalist Tombot going a little Art Deco, or Utskiboo, placing second, bringing pure class, the voting page was packed full of inventiveness.

Two entries that kept things very faithful to what’s currently in place were those of Narci and Aegon. There were tweaks, for sure, but we often say if it ain’t broke…

The tweak Aegon applied that most likely delivered the win was splitting the shield into red and blue halves, aping Richmond’s current shirt. Whatever it was, the finished design is a lesson in how to update a club’s identity, and Aegon’s got plenty of form where that’s concerned.

AFC Richmond
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