Kit Design Tutorial for BeginnersHere

To the benefit of members of present and future, DF partnered with Template FC to provide a series of free tutorials to assist the creation of concept/fantasy football kits.

Covering options and tools available in Adobe Photoshop and the similar Photopea, this first episode covers the integration of different layers in terms of colouring, making them visible/invisible and adding/editing details, as well as providing an initial template to work on - with an aim of creating a finished product which suggests a photorealistic shirt.

To start creating your designs with the help of these tutorials, follow these steps:

- Download Photoshop or use the free alternative Photopea and get yourself a template to work with at Template FC.

With the mocking up of concept football kits now so popular - and so many designs transitioning to actually being manufactured too - gaining the skills to create these types of visual art is hugely beneficial for hobby designing and beyond. TemplateFC’s tutorials can help, whatever stage we’re at.

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 2 - Adding Designs

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 3 - Designing Your Own Kit

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 4 - Adding Texture

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 5 - Mock-up Adjustments

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 6 - Saving and Displaying

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