Kit Design Tutorial for BeginnersHere

Continuing the series of instructional videos applicable to Photoshop and/or Photopea, Noah from Template FC helpfully shows us, in Episode 2, how to add pattern designs to football kits.

Again showing the methodology of the process, and explaining how to obtain the resources required - including iconic patterning that will be familiar to most football kit fans - the video explores the possibilities in detail.

Noah is clearly a talented designer, with creativity in spades, but his clear and simple instructions mean anyone watching can pick up the tricks needed to bring concept ideas to life. As the series continues, even novices will soon be able to create professional-looking designs.

To start creating your designs with the help of this tutorial, follow these steps:

- Download Photoshop or use the web based Photopea and get yourself a template to work with at Template FC.

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 1 - Getting Started: How to Create Concept Football Kits

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 3 - Designing Your Own Kit

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 4 - Adding Texture

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 5 - Mock-up Adjustments

View: Kit Design Tutorial - Ep. 6 - Saving and Displaying

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