Kit Design Tutorial for BeginnersHere

In Template FC’s latest Photoshop and Photopea tutorial episode, Noah explains how to use textures to add depth to designs.

We’re pushing god-level realism now, with concepts going beyond even what many actual manufacturers would have on their digital drawing board. Noah is providing a comprehensive look at what is possible, allowing budding (concept) designers to cherry pick what will work for fantasy creations.

Crest and adidas logos on concept shirts looking texturally identical to those on authentic player issue releases may not have even been considered by most amateurs, but having yet another string to the bow enables published work to, well, stand out.

- Download Photoshop or use the free alternative Photopea and get yourself a template to work with at Template FC.

Be sure to catch up on the first three episodes and stay tuned for Template FC’s final two episodes, which will complete a tutorial that hopefully fuels many wonderful works of art.

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