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NSGraphics has bagged themselves another Kit of the Week (KOTW) win, this time for a stage dedicated to special 1860 München Oktoberfest designs.

The Bavarian side is known for releasing striking shirts this time of year - incorporating local dress, such as lederhosen, into the look - and our entrants certainly weren’t shy with their efforts.

One eye-catching upload from Skyebaggie even crowbarred in a lager effect - a touch of the CD Lugos there - but it was NSGraphics who came out on top with something that respected the traditions whilst carefully keeping the novelty factor at bay and ramping up the class.

Truly, it’s a Joma-branded design that executes the shouldn’t-work-but-does combination of sky blue (and white) and brown to perfection.

As excited as we are for the Croatia stage - the voting is well underway - and what comes with the current Brescia chapter, with its spectacular early signs, this particularly fun little challenge with a topical feel delivered in style.

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@NarciSo it's the designer's fault?
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