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The colourful Sampaio Corrêa stage is coming to an end, and it’s the last chance to vote for a favourite Paris FC upload, but the 223rd Kit of the Week (KOTW) was won by Corinth.

With Deportivo Alavés the subject, plenty of blue and white, mainly striped shirts were entered - along with a couple which referred to the Basque club’s exciting Uefa Cup Final encounter with Liverpool in 2001 - but Corinth came out on top with a burgundy Away number.

Referring as it does, with this colour, to the Álava province that the club’s home city of Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital of, the wondrously photorealistic design also carries a base pattern comprising iconography of said city.

It does, of course, also include blue and white trim to nod to the identity of the football team itself, with the crest in full colour too. Ongi egina.

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