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Paris FC are often the forgotten men, and women, of the French capital. All the column inches seem to go the way of Paris Saint-Germain and Red Star, with PFC barely appearing on most’s radar.

Not here at DF, particularly in our challenges. Previously featuring in our Crest Redesign Competition Weekly, Paris FC have now done the double by becoming the subject of a Kit of the Week (KOTW) stage too.

The entries included several offerings which provided a taster of Nike’s 2022-23 template, while the array of different logos in the main sponsorship position - that of Vinci, Galeries Lafayette and the Kingdom of Bahrain - were all tastefully applied despite their variety. An impressive collection was certainly formed.

Alas, there must be a winner, and democracy, perhaps unsurprisingly, plumped for the most striking of the efforts, an Umbro-branded creation uploaded by ConceptFootball. A design taking inspiration from Paris’s street art and, we imagine, 90s (/) goalkeeper shirts. Félicitations !

Moving on, the Sampaio Corrêa stage is being voted on now - some fabulous entries in there - and Uganda’s Kampala Capital City Authority FC are being blessed with the members’ talents as we speak. Both chapters are closing soon.

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