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Football Club København - FC Copenhagen - are hugely decorated and the Danish Superliga’s top side currently, despite being relatively young in their present guise.

They’ve packed a lot into their 30 years and were well deserving of the Kit of the Week (KOTW) treatment they received from DF members - even if it wasn’t necessarily an aspiration.

The stage didn’t disappoint. Plenty went for the classic look that a primary fill of white lends itself to - and more power to the members who went down that route - but it was also nice to see the creativity beyond that.

FMKG and Sithuralom, for example, went for the graphical in a big way, which may have flirted with overkill but still made for very attractive shirts with - look away Liverpool fans - red Carlsberg logos (thanks to FCK opening the door to that colouring a couple of years ago).

In an alternative vein, Corinth’s submission features the lion from the club crest blown up and was futureproofed with the latest adidas branding. That’s a shirt we’re pretty sure would be coveted by a lot of collectors were it a reality.

And, of course, the winning design by DlszDesign - billed as an Away - carries an allover pattern nodding to Copenhagen’s lighting at night. Bold, with a hint of Van Gogh and Munch, perhaps, a worthy winner and a treat of a chapter in the Kit of the Week story.


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Hi, MVdzn. I’m trying to reach you for a business project, I just need some soccer crest logos made. Do you have any socials I can message you from?
Hi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football? 
@Art2KnockOutHi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football?
Wassup bro, I’m truing to reach you. Check dm or respond with your IG.