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St. Louis City Soccer Club - or “St. Louis CITY SC”, for however long that stylisation lasts - are about to make their 2023 Major League Soccer bow, so they should feature more and more on DF as time passes.

One of the places they were bound to appear was the Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge. That happened in the 256th stage, with our members really taking to the task with gusto.

A whole array of superb adidas - and more - designs were submitted, all available to view on the voting page, and the nature of subjectivity dictates that we can’t state as fact whether they’re better than the real release or not.

We can say that Corinth’s Ajax-influenced entry won out, with its reverse-overlap neck - we’re seeing a lot of those at the minute - and exciting deployment of patterning on the trunk and side-of-trunk striping.

It won’t be seen in the MLS but you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for the authentic article.

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Hi, MVdzn. I’m trying to reach you for a business project, I just need some soccer crest logos made. Do you have any socials I can message you from?
Hi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football? 
@Art2KnockOutHi, you’re friends with MVdzn. Do you know how I can reach him outside of desig football?
Wassup bro, I’m truing to reach you. Check dm or respond with your IG.