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It’s a relatively low bar but Fútbol Club Santa Coloma are undoubtedly giants in the context of Andorran football, and they wouldn’t even need to be that to get a stage of the Kit of the Week challenge.

No, all a team needs for that is for there to be potential for great shirts, and there’s not a team in the world DF members couldn’t produce great shirts for.

That’s exactly as it turned out. This triple Nelson didn’t disappoint, with the Andorran colours featuring as bars on derkamartz’s entry, flecks on sezisli’s and, kind of, a stylised map of Andorra la Vella on KitKong’s otherwise blackout affair.

And Corinth went for alternating pinstripes to display the blue, yellow and red, on a wonderful Joma-branded shirt.

That won it - another victory for Corinth - via the voting. FC Santa Coloma would look fabulous in the design, whether it’s being sported in victories domestically or defeats in European competition.


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    slovenskibog · 1 months ago
    No suprise there :)