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Guest 2054 years ago Manchester United
Like the Factory idea. Tony Wilson was a big United fan, so it would be a good team up (if Factory still existed).
Guest 2054 years ago Carlosfutbolitis Designs
Pretty nice, awful sponsor though.
respeckt........greath drawing mate.....
I like the concept, I see some inspiration from the Greek kit and the Nigeria template, am I right?Very nice overall, and that font looks interesting!...but I think theres a ...
strange, different, i like it =D
Guest 2054 years ago bvb Home
i like it, but would the tight cycling shorts / shirt thing really work for a football kit? i know it's 'stylised' but would the design features translate in the ...
Donnypool 2054 years ago Blackpool
You could say that the arrow links in with the 'progress', but you can forsee what would happen if they are relegated, i.e. lots of joke badges on the back ...
Guest 2054 years ago Liverpool Third Kit
Must be weird seeing your shirt design turned into an actual replica shirt Steevo.
something about this tat make me think w0w ! i love it top idea
people said it'll be red... but also I saw it orange XD
Now features UEFA Respect patch
I think perhaps the 2 recent gradient kits are fooling you. We usually aren't very exciting at all!
rb5 2054 years ago Croatia Away
Jesus f**king christ - just run his IP address against your blog and see if he even visited it, if he didn't then this thread becomes more silly than it ...
Thanks Spider. Yes DJoletino i do support Liverpool. Is that not obvious? :D:
julian121 2054 years ago Esperance
For clarity's sake, the nike logo should be red, and would fit in with the numbering aswell, but a good kit nonetheless

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