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alternate backgrounds and 1-color
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Transparent BG
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@ReeeanWow!!! Really stylish ❤️ their color pllette is so cool …. Great work
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Buen rediseño. Me gusta esta nueva forma y como mejoraste esa U. Lo único que no me convence es el UANL en vertical, pero tampoco se me ocurre otra forma ...
Transparent Background and Monochrome:
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Transparent Background
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@UtskibooThanks. Yeah, I tried it with yellow first but I wanted a colour that more closely matched the brick colour of the bridge.
5- Othy3- Rabbi1- 8.8
I like it :) Much cleaner. And the lions looks way more like lions now. Could also look cool with the yellow from the original logo instead of bronze.
Old badge vs new.
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After criticising everyone else’s Gotham FC crests for petty little reasons, getting into arguments and telling everyone they don’t know design this is the best you can do?It’s terrible. The ...

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