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Narci 5 hours ago Venezia FC
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Narci 5 hours ago Venezia FC
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@AdilAmalikI agree with you but it so happens some of us can't take part this time.
@AdilAmalikOk I will be in Spain for the most part of  July so I unfortunately can't participate but will follow the competition.
Very nice! have you submitted to Aston Villa?
👏very nice. It s simple, clean design. 
More details coming after weekend.
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@RabbiI know, but it will be better in this time since some of the members are still students and the competition in this time will be a good idea for ...
@RabbiThe competition will start after all the slots are full, but it could be delayed for preparing the teams
@DlszDesignThis voting phase is closed since 26 june.
5 - Corinth3 - CBDesign121 - ONI
5 - Santiagoalies3 - Othycreative1 - Gwells
5 - SSmithDesigns3 - OTHYcreative1 - Kunto

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