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Better than the Zenit kit but still pretty bad. Puma have serious issues
u r real designer!wow beautiful kit!what is the program of this design?
Guest 2053 years ago Manchester United
Looks poor, Texture makes it look worse.
Guest 2053 years ago My first jersey
Guest 2053 years ago Werder Bremen
very good design:-)
the clues in the name you stupid mofo, FANTASY FOOTBALL SHIRTS, not old England shirts,
Guest 2053 years ago kits
yes its bright, a very good colour! the badge is ok to
=/ in fact... it has a lot of colors... i prefer the all white.. sorry
I know it wil have red in RGB mode, because its Grey, but if the Red is a higher number than the green or the blue, then it will have ...
zeruch 2053 years ago Chivas Away
nice... but XD the flag in the back seems like italian jeje, i like it :-)
Guest 2053 years ago Grimsby Town Home
who's a pedo?
could do with a kit make. also the shorts are a bit plain. need a badge,number and kit make on them
Oh I understand entirely. I know you weren't endorsing the newspaper.If you're interested, here's a little information about it
try to Google fifa 13 ultimate model i think

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