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I like the silhouette. Reminds me of the brilliant Sunrise/Sunset keeper tops from the 90's.
Steevo I love this. it reminds me a lot of this image I have in my head of Ian Rush; I appreciate the focus on details, takes time and skill.
Yes, it is :smile: Club with a fantastic history, and the fantastic fans.Lately, you have no reason not to joy :none: When it comes to kits I think Warrior is ...
curswine 2053 years ago Belgium
What would you change if it was down to you to 'Belgian' it up?Check out the away shirt on my blog to get a better look at how the template ...
There is a mistake on this kit, the Nike logo on the shorts is red, and not the red on the shirt, it should have been white. My bad.:no:
This work looks simple, but very effectiveI love it
:roll:: Oops! The Kanouté's number is 12. A little mistake!
Which is good for a home kit but for an away, sky blue would be much better and less chance in clashing with Chivas.We'll agree to disagree. ;-)
curswine 2053 years ago 2008 - Randomosity!
Good work for using pixels and making it look half decent, although it is one team I feel sick just looking at.
Guest 2053 years ago sevilla
:D: oh mann best
Cracking stuff mate, I think I'-) swap the yellow around with the blue on the shirt as Spurs fans aren't too happy about the amount of yellow on their shirts ...
I somehow missed this one, it looks great.
You're an absolute genius man, there are some things I don't like about it that is true, but huge respect for the drawing skill and all the ideas put into ...

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