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The Canadian Premier League has had a lot of kit fanciers talking in recent weeks, and the 285th edition of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) earlier this year focussed on Langford’s Pacific FC.

Less than four years into a club’s lifespan perhaps seems a little early for a makeover, but the 2022 pacesetters are gaining fans and with that comes the interest of the kit- and crest-design communities.

We have a spectacular current Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge stage underway currently but there have been plenty of other impressive collections in 2022 so far.

One such example is the Corinthians edition, which bridged ’21 turning to ’22 and gave us an array of wonderful entries - with a variety of styles rarely exceeded before or since.

A great tradition in German football is Werder Bremen wearing a special Christmas shirt around “Weihnachten”, though the substitution of a Christmas tree for the normal diamond crest on a standard shirt perhaps leaves people wanting a little more.

So in steps and the 232nd stage of the Kit of the Week challenge - a special Christmas Kit Challenge, no less.

After covering Argentina and Liverpool - *sweating emoji* - in successive stages of the Kit of the Week challenge, 231 went a little more towards the obscure.

With the spotlight on Angolan side Clube Desportivo 1º de Agosto, there were several entries that had a whiff of Milan and Nice - understandably, considering “Os Rubro e Negros”’ colours - but the winning effort included a specific reference to the club name - digitally - in the base print, and that might be what secured victory for Corinth.

The Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) takes in football teams from around the world and, consequently, the last stage to close in 2021 was dedicated to a club plying their trade in the A(ustralian)-League.

Your correspondent is not so into Australian football, or “soccer”, and has been known to mistakenly refer to the Western Sydney side as the “Warriors” rather than “Wanderers”. Here’s hoping the Wanderers' notable appearance in CRCW will finally put that error to bed.

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