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Côte d'Ivoire - really, it should never, ever be “Ivory Coast” - have had a decent start to 2024, winning the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON/CAN) tournament they hosted (after a far-from-decent start in the competition) and being blessed with a Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge stage.

Les Éléphants have plenty of admirers around the world, due to their exploits and the amount of world football greats who have donned the orange shirt, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that the DF members put huge effort into their entries.

Due to football beginning in 1992, plenty of people don’t realise that, before then, Wolverhampton Wanderers - Wolves - were once one of the best teams in England.

Particularly young people might not realise that they’ve spent a decent amount of time struggling lower down England’s divisions too, with recent years’ dabbles with the upper reaches of the Premier League the stuff dreams were once made of, and now they’ve had a Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) stage!

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@ZaapparelOof unfortunately all places have been taken :/ sorry
So all the 24 designers are set 😁. The group stage draw will be posted tomorrow
I'm in 😁
If there's still room, i'm in :)