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Gradually, Saudi football club Al Hilal Saudi Football Club are working their way into the global public consciousness.

The current champions of Saudi Arabia’s Roshn Saudi League, Al Hilal - or “AlHilal” or “Alhilal” or “Al-Hilal” - have an increasingly identifiable blue look and that was the clay the members had to work with in the 264th stage of the Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge.

Bolivia, and the Federación Boliviana de Fútbol, were the fantasy client of honour in the 313th stage of the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

The South American side have a complex national identity - perhaps several national identities - but La Verde are recognisable through their green shirts and the crest featuring the national Tricolor flag (not the Wiphala) and the Andean condor, all taken onboard by the DF members.

While the goal with all of our Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) stages is to provide an alternative to - or indeed an improvement on - an “IRL” badge, the upshot is often an elaborate compliment to the designer of said emblem.

That was arguably the case with the 313th stage. Up stepped a fantasy client from France’s Ligue 1, Lille Olympique Sporting Club (LOSC), and what followed was largely a tribute to the stylings of the current badge.

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