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Belarus’s PR is not currently in the healthiest shape, but there is a national football team - representing the Football Federation of Belarus, or “Беларуская федэрацыя футбола” - and that qualifies to be featured in our Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

In fairness, when stage number 289 was announced, Belarus wasn’t quite the persona non grata it’s widely regarded as now, and though we’ve certainly had more popular chapters of CRCW, the range of styles we got in this one neatly showcases the talents of several of our members.

Belgium’s Royale Union Saint-Gilloise (Union SG/USG) have had, for the most part, a dream 2021-22, finishing top of the regular season Jupiler Pro League table and just being pipped in the Championship Playoffs by giants Club Brugge.

Likely as a consequence of their form at the turn of the year, Les Unionistes were selected for the Kit of the Week (KOTW) treatment, with the stage featuring an eclectic mix of theoretical directions the club could go in style-wise.

Yeah, not that Santos, but the 288th Crest Redesign Competition Weekly stage was centred on Kingston-based Santos Football Club of Jamaica’s KSAFA Super League.

Unsurprisingly, several entries of this edition of CRCW owed a lot to the stylings of the Brazilian giants’ crest - as, in fact, does the real-life counterpart - but these were toned down on the winning design.

Many in recent years have been thrilled by the RR McReynolds Company’s takeover of Welsh side Wrexham AFC, with said company equating to actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

Indeed, this has enhanced the interest in Wrexham’s sartorial decisions, and their selection as the subject for our Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge resulted in our members providing the resurgent force with a plethora of alternative shirt style options.

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