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L'Associazione Sportiva Roma - AS Roma - are one of Italy’s most famous clubs. Along with SS Lazio, one of the capital city’s two heavyweights, the side currently coached by Jose Mourinho have an identity that is recognisable while encompassing multiple emblems.

So when Roma came to the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW), the publication of the stage could have featured one of at least two current club badges, and that choice was also open to the members.

St. Louis City Soccer Club - or “St. Louis CITY SC”, for however long that stylisation lasts - are about to make their 2023 Major League Soccer bow, so they should feature more and more on DF as time passes.

One of the places they were bound to appear was the Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge. That happened in the 256th stage, with our members really taking to the task with gusto.

Argentina’s Club Atlético Rosario Central have a lot going on on their crest, so being featured in our Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) was bound to deliver a lot of fun.

The challenge is not necessarily how to include all the features in a reimagining - the C, the repetition in the initialism (acronym?), the blue-and-yellow stripes, the stars, the shield and, finally, the foliage (presumably laurel leaves) - but which to leave out without diluting the impact of the famous side’s identity.

Such is the nature of our Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge’s participation, often there’s not one entry, from a single member, that stands head and shoulders above the others once the votes are counted.

That was the case with the FK Austria Wien - Austria Vienna - stage. While all the entries for the Austrian Bundesliga side were impressive - to pick two for special mentions, ArmorKuma’s crest-based pattern and Dan808’s Jordan Jumpman-branded creation will have had Die Veilchen fans salivating - two entrants couldn’t be separated.