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Football Club Seoul, of the Republic of (South) Korea’s K League 1, have had an array of striking shirts in recent years, so it wasn’t a shock that the DF members embraced the chance to have a go when a dedicated Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge stage came along.

While derkamartz’s Away, with its Puma x Gucci branding*, was a highlight, the competition was dominated by first-choice designs, including AdilAmalik's modern take on the black-and-red colours and previous stage winner HiK4L’s traditional-Korean-patterning affair.

Angola are not a heavyweight of African football by any stretch of the imagination, but they have made it to 2024’s 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON/CAN), so their Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW) stage can’t be argued against.

Indeed, even if they hadn’t, on-pitch success isn’t a prerequisite for getting the CRCW treatment, and the Palancas Negras’ look is ripe for a glow-up.

One of the true minnows of international football are Dominica.

The Dominican national team, despite mixed results in recent months, come unstuck against major players in the CONCACAF confederation, but as we’ve said before, many times, that wouldn’t bar them from participation in the Crest Redesign Competition Weekly (CRCW).

We at DF have a long history of designing football kits for the Jamaica national team, and this even included a dalliance with the real world when member Irving Perez was tasked with producing the kit the Jamaicans ended up wearing in their impressive 2017 Gold Cup showing.

So, yes, an appearance in the Kit of the Week (KOTW) challenge was warranted, and the stage didn’t disappoint.

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